Database integration, performance tuning and data migration

Virtually all business applications require some form of data storage.

How the data store is logically and physically structured is crucial for optimum performance of the applications. That is why we put an extreme focus on the quality of the database design and the database engine.

Our database of choice is MS SQL Server, the best yet most cost effective solution available. Our expertise with database optimizations and performance tuning can ensure its maximum execution.

  • Siemens Canada

  • Prudential of America (Canada)

  • The Travelers Companies (Canada)

  • Unitech Energy Resources

  • SportsIntegration

  • When2Click

  • Proven track record to carry a project from the business concept to deployment of a robust solution.

  • Solid development platform - Microsoft .NET

  • Creative, cutting-edge solutions, yet reliable, cost effective and easy to maintain.

  • Highly skilled team of professionals.

  • Perseverance and commitment to the highest standards.