Data Access Wizard v. 1.5

Data Access Wizard is a generator that provides a jump-start for any database related projects. It dramatically reduces the tedious work related to the initial phase of coding the standard stored procedures and accessing them by almost 80%. In a matter of minutes you can generate basic stored procedures for your data models as well as data access code in the language of your choice (c#, VB.NET, VB).

Web Creator

Web Creator is a web software package automating the process of creating "web presence" portals. Designed with simplicity in mind, Web Creator builds a company web site with content, services, product lines, and provides tools for easy website maintenance. Excellent software package for every ISP!

HTX (HTML to XML Converter)

HTX is a utility tool that converts HTML based input such as web pages and emails into XML format. It applies user created parser specifications to the HTML source, extracts the requested information and transforms it into a structured format. Easy-to-use UI allows the user to specify the parser specs and preview the parsing process. A must have tool if high-quality data are needed.

  • Siemens Canada

  • Prudential of America (Canada)

  • The Travelers Companies (Canada)

  • Unitech Energy Resources

  • SportsIntegration

  • When2Click

  • Proven track record to carry a project from the business concept to deployment of a robust solution.

  • Solid development platform - Microsoft .NET

  • Creative, cutting-edge solutions, yet reliable, cost effective and easy to maintain.

  • Highly skilled team of professionals.

  • Perseverance and commitment to the highest standards.